Representing the pinnacle of PILOT’s black glossy lacquer finish series



Fountain pens that have helped PILOT inherit the tradition of the Luccanite lacquering method developed by the company at the time of its foundation.
Luccanite: Lacquer is applied to machined ebonite, making the body black and glossy. When you touch it, please enjoy the feel of lacquer that fits comfortably in your hand.

Featuring a black lacquer finish inlaid into the ebonite,
a large fountain pen with a soft writing touch.

Fitted with a large No. 30 size nib that allows the writer to fully enjoy the ‘flex’ of the pen. Bringing satisfaction to its user, the thick barrel has a black-lacquered finish that imbues the fountain pen with a glossy appearance and fits comfortably in the hand. A fountain pen of the highest quality.

Fountain pen

Nib 18K No. 30 / Nib sizes FM, M, B

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Featuring a black lacquer finish inlaid into the ebonite, a gem of a fountain pen suitable for everyday use

Like CUSTOM URUSHI, the lacquered ebonite body emits a lustrous appearance. An item ideally suited to everyday life.

Fountain pen

Nib 18K No. 15 / Nib sizes F, M, B, BB

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