Simple designs that transcend generations HERITAGE Series



A marble-patterned, elegant and lustrous fountain pen.

Every marble pattern is unique and there is no pattern exactly identical.
Providing a genuine writing experience, this is a fountain pen that you will want to give as a gift.
* The ‘SE’ in CUTOM HERITAGE SE is from a French word, “seul” which means one and only.

Fountain pen
33,000 yen(Price excluding tax: 30,000 yen)

Nib 14K No. 5 / Nib sizes F・M

Product information

Uniform silver keynotes, simple design

A simple vest-type body form.
The nib is also rhodium-finished, and the whole body has silver keynotes.
A lineup of 15 types of nibs, the largest in the series, which produce a genuine writing feel.

Fountain pen
22,000 yen (Price excluding tax: 20,000 yen)

Nib 14K No. 10 / Nib sizes EF, F, SF, FM, SFM, M, SM, B, BB, C, MS, PO, FA, WA, SU

A simply-designed, genuine fountain pen

Featuring a simple design that combines clips and gold rings with silver keynotes, CUSTOM HERITAGE 91 can be used casually in everyday life. Having a lineup of nine sizes of nib* , also recommended as an entry model for genuine fountain pens.

* The nine sizes are only available with black bodies.

Fountain pen
13,200 yen (Price excluding tax: 12,000 yen)

Nib 14K No. 5 / Nib sizes EF, F, SF, FM, SFM, M, SM, B, BB

* Dark blue (DL) and Orange (O) are only available in F, FM, M, B

Transparent body, screw-type fountain pen

By turning the tail plug at the back of the barrel, ink is filled in from the nib.
The transparent body enables users to see at a glance how much ink is remaining, and the colour of the ink drawn into the fountain pen adds colour to the body.

Fountain pen
16,500 yen (Price excluding tax: 15,000 yen)

Nib 14K No. 5 / Nib sizes F, FM, M, B(F, FM, M for TB & TL)

Product information